A Macro-Network for Global Transformation.

The Great Work is bringing companies and individuals working in service of the planet together into a comprehensive network. This network streamlines and maximizes our ability on a planetary level to accomplish goals in service of the greater good of our planet and community.

What you will find on this website are the initial steps towards building this network. You'll find our strategy and future plans for the company as well as the community it serves and you'll find those who are already participating in service of the greater planetary good.

The Great Work International is dedicated to bringing the realization of broad goals to individuals and corporations. These goals are based on the ideas and suggestions deemed necessary for the survival and prosperity of our species by countless scientists and philosophers.

Our Global Trajectories are modelled on these necessities and they will come to fruition as they are developed to be financially profitable. This is our business. In conjunction with our network of media affiliates, we provide the platform for eventual scientific, political, ecological and economic growth in a way that is beneficial for all involved parties. We aid in bringing together those already working towards these ends and provide the advertising incentive to promote their ideas.

Our model provides for financial profit in harmony with basic human values and needs. We work with other individuals and companies that share in this vision, so that we can provide wealth, health, and prosperity for present and future generations.

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